Buddy Program  

Buddy partnerships allow students at school to develop connections with a variety of students in a variety of school levels. At Saint Patrick’s School our buddy partnerships give students the opportunity to feel welcome, safe, supported, value difference, develop friendships, empathise with others and enable students to develop social skills.

Older students take responsibility while younger students know they have a fellow students they can turn to for support.


Regular collaboration occurs between older and younger classes a creating a sense of community within the school. This partnership helps students to feel connectedness to school that enables both younger and older buddies to bond more closely within their school community.


Saint Patrick’s buddy program assists with:


  • Transition to primary school

  • Development of a positive caring environment

  • Advancement of positive social skills and values

  • Promotion of inclusion in our community

  • Building self confidence in students

  • Development of an empathetic community

  • Cross age peer tutoring