At St Patrick’s we believe that the best teaching practice is to ‘teach without telling’.  Our learning and teaching philosophy is based on developing inquiring minds where our students, along with staff, are encouraged to think deeply, ask questions, sort information, discover answers, on any given topic, and to take action and do something with the new information gathered. At St Patrick’s we are committed to supporting all students to become successful learners, confident individuals and active and informed citizens as stated in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians - www.mceetya.edu.au


At St Patrick’s we are committed to developing successful learners by:


  • Providing a safe and healthy school environment that takes into consideration the needs of all students.

  • Developing each student’s capacity to be independent learners and task focused

  • Developing literacy and numeracy skills that are a foundation for success in all learning areas

  • Teaching our students the social skills, thinking skills, self-management skills and information skills they need to be successful learners

  • Designing units of work that allow for student voice

  • Allowing students to work collaboratively and/or individually, as well as in small group and whole class settings

  • Creating environments that encourage and allow students to work alone or with others

  • Building a body of learners that are able to source out relevant information, to be skilled in validating information, to clarify issues and be critical of their findings

  • Creating environments and communities of learners that are willing to contribute and able to appreciate the ideas of others

  • Establishing collaborative group work that encourages students to talk, comment, compare, negotiate, hypothesise, and problem solve